How To Write Memo Assignment To Get Better Grades

Posted By Admin @ Feb 23, 2022

What is a memo?

  A memorandum also known as a memo is a short assignment that requires more attention than another assignment. A memo assignment is a short piece of assignment that consists of details that are one or two pages long. The memo assignment is mainly used in the offices or for the official works in order to communicate the tasks that are to be performed. The function of the memo is not always to convince the reader to perform a certain task rather it is also used for explaining the rules of an event or the work to the readers. In case of office use, the memos are also used for giving the details about the monthly sales report but in a short length. As the function of the memo is to provide real details or explanations that is why it is very important to know how to write a memo assignment?

Why use the memo assignment?

The use of the memo is very important. It might appear simple but is rather very demanding. It is significant to know about the rules of writing the memo assignment as it can assist in writing memos relating to many different courses. The memo assignment is considered the best synthesizing exercise as it requires synthesizing the reports. But another important ability than writing a memo assignment teaches the students is how to be concise with their work. Students often go for long lengths and extra details while writing their assignments in order to elongate the length of their assignments and gain more scores. But this exercise let them write many unnecessary and unrelated points in their work. On the other hand, a memo assignment helps with writing only the important and the related points into the work. This practice is important as memos are expected to be used in the future by the students. They are expected to use the technique of the memo assignment in their career as compared to the other assignment techniques they have learned in their educational years. This is another reason for learning how to write a memo assignment?
How to use it?
 A memo assignment can be used in place of many things that are long in length. The best way to use the skills of writing the memo assignment is to replace it with lengthy essays. These essays must be the ones where the concept about the topic needs to be explained. A situation where a concept is required to be explained expects point-to-point information which can be fulfilled by the memo assignment only. At first, it can be quite hard for the students to leave their old practice of writing lengthy essays and switch to the compact and concise memo assignment, but it is not impossible. It can become possible by providing the details about how to write memo assignments to the students and making them aware of all the rules and techniques that are required to write a memo assignment. Show them different examples of memo assignments which will help them in better understanding the concept of the memo assignment.
Things to consider while writing a memo assignment
 A memo has many uses to it. It is used for communicating with the employees, sharing ideas, confirming the conversations, and instructing the employees about their responsibilities. All these functions are very important as any miscommunication can lead to the loss of the business. In short, the purpose of writing a memo is to share important information with others. This information is shared in a concise manner. This means if the memo will be written poorly it will not be able to perform the function it is used for. It will create miscommunication or the readers might get confused about what is being asked of them. A poorly written memo can also lead to offending the employees and a complete loss of time as employees will start working on the basis of the wrong information provided to them through the memo assignment. For such purposes, it is important to consider all the rules and techniques of writing the memo assignment and practice it well before jumping on writing the professional memo assignment that can cost much more.
Instruction and assessment of writing a memo assignment
 While writing a memo assignment, there are four basic parts that need to be included. These parts help in separating the sections of the memo assignment and help in communicating the message well to the readers. Also, in some cases attachments are also made for additional information. The four basic parts important for writing the memo assignment are as below:
• Heading
• Opening statement
• Body
• Summary
• Attachment (if required)
Heading: the heading is one of the most important parts of wiring the memo assignment. This is because a reader often guesses about what is written inside an assignment through its heading. That is why it is essential to pay much focus over choosing the right heading. The heading should give an accurate idea about the material that is going to be discussed in the memo below.
Opening statement: the function of the opening statement is to clear the purpose of writing the memo. This is why an opening statement must be written after great consideration. The opening statement should be short concluding the gist of the memo assignment in a few words.
Body: the body of the memo assignment is the continuation of the opening statement. The body explains in more detail the opening statement and adds facts to it to make it look true and valid.
Summary: like all the other parts, the summary also plays a vital role in the memo assignment. The summary concludes what has been written in the entire assignment. It gives an overview of the assignment. The summary tells the reader what the writer wants them to do. A summary or closing paragraph is required to be added when the memo assignment is two or more pages long. A memo assignment with a length of one page makes it difficult to write an accurate closing paragraph.
Attachment: attachments are the extra information that is attached at the end of the memo to explain to the reader about their responsibility. The attachments are not always part of the memo. It is only required when something needs more explanation or example to be well communicated.
Role of Bloom's Taxonomy while writing a memo assignment.
 A Bloom’s taxonomy is a set of three hierarchical models which are used in order to classify the complexity of learning education. This is important for writing the memo assignment in order to see at what level of Bloom's taxonomy, it is possible to achieve the goal of writing the perfect memo assignment. It is, therefore, found that learning how to write the memo assignment is possible at any level of Bloom's taxonomy. Below are some examples that help in achieving the Bloom’s taxonomy through the practice of writing the memo.
• Provide a summary of the important points of the report.
• Organizing the report from most important to the least.
• Explain the thoughts on the new policy introduced.
The best example of writing a memo assignment
Example 1:
Personal Memo
I have been working as a software developer for a few years now. I have gained much experience in the field and have enhanced my knowledge about it. I deal with designing and installing the software. But my expertise is in software designing. I have designed a lot of software and all of them have been successful. I have an upper hand in designing different types of software along with the customized software for the customers according to their requirements.
I have worked as a team leader as well. My seniors were satisfied with my performance. This was because I had effective communication skills. Communication is the key to everything, especially, when it comes to leading a team. I have filled all the gaps expected to occur between the team members and conveyed all the messages clearly. Also, I was always fair to everyone. I dealt equally with all the team members and appreciated them without any biases or personal preferences.
Before the team leader, I worked as a team member too. This is the position where I gained the most experience and knowledge. Being a team member helped me in receiving guidance from my seniors and made me learn new things every day. I paid attention to everything and always completed my work on a team. As I believe in punctuality. Also, being a team member allowed me to become confident as the manager used to appreciate my work. His kind words motivated me and made me believe in myself even more.
I should be considered as the team member for the small group in class as I have better communication skills which will help in maintaining harmony among the team members and also will allow me to convey all the messages clearly mitigating any chances of the errors.
Example 2:
Ancient Memo
The existence of the life has been present on the earth for millions of years ago. It is still not unknown properly how the back was the life discovered but science has been able to reach to the specie that live 4-5 million years ago. The oldest species found is known as Australopithecus. Then there are homo habilis, homo Erectus, and homo sapiens (the current form of human beings). These species are basically the evolution of the human to their finest form.
As a part of the homo habilis species, I belong to the time that was 2.4 million years ago. We are often referred to as "handyman". The structure of the body is more leaned towards the apelike but not as much as the Australopithecus did. The size of the skull is relatively small than that of the humans today. This is because the brain size was smaller and less capable than of today's generation. Further, as compared to the homo sapiens I had a relatively short height of about 4 feet 10 inches. And unlike the Australopithecus had small and adjusted morals. Also, we had more hair on our body because of our existence in the cold areas and hair helped in keeping us warm and safe from the climate.
The reason that we are called handymen is that we started using our hands for carrying out the daily routine work. Unlike the species before, most of the work was done by the hands and in a very organized way as we had an advanced brain.
We spent the life of the hunter-gatherer. We used to search for food through hunting. Mostly, the male was responsible for hunting the food (meat) and bringing it back home. Meanwhile, the female used to look after the children and prepare the meat brought by the male. This harmony helped in making life easier as everyone was assigned a specific role to perform.
Moreover, we lived in the stone age. This means that most of our tools were made out of stone. These tools made it easier to hunt the meat. Also, the use of stones is what invented the fire by striking two stones together. This provided us with a new way of eating meat that is by roasting it. also, the use of stones made a way for us to bring art to life. Different kinds of stones were used by the male and females for making jewelry and other accessories that only modified our sense of art but our sense of fashion as well.
As a monogamous way of living, we formed societies and lived in small groups in order to survive. This formation of the societies raised the use of language for communication. This was helpful as it made the communication easier and clearer. All the messages were clearly conveyed to one another.
Living life as homo habilis was not easy as we had to work so hard for surviving and finding food.